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About the Danish Cultural institute

The Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing organisation, established in 1940 with the purpose of promoting cultural exchange between Denmark and other nations and regions. In this role, The Danish Cultural Institute initiates and supports international cultural projects.

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21/7 - 2014

15/7 - 2014

10/7 - 2014

Watch the Danish local TV-channel TV2 Østjylland's reportage from the two European Capitals of Culture 2014 - Umeå and Riga

As the second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus, is selected to be European Capital of Culture 2017, Danish television decided to investigate what it ta...

1/7 - 2014

19/6 - 2014

10/6 - 2014

A cinematic investigation of Riga: a Danish contribution to the documentary film "Force Majeure.Riga"

The Danish director, actor and writer Jon Bang Carlsen will contribute to a portrait of Riga in the film "Force Majeure.Riga", which will premiere in ...

4/6 - 2014

30/5 - 2014

28/5 - 2014

27/5 - 2014


21/7 - 2014

SKAN II: part three - featuring the Danish sound artist Christian Skjødt

The third and last part of the in...

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